Why is yoga done in a hot room?

The room is intentionally hot. It is heated to warm your muscles, prevent injuries and allow for a deeper release in your body. Sweating will also help flush toxins and poisons from your body.

Do you have any yoga that isn't in a hot room?

Yes. Power Vinyasa classes are done in a much cooler room since you will be generating heat internally from movement.

What should I do to prepare for class?

Come with an empty stomach (no food two hours before class.) Drink lots of water before class. Be prepared to sweat. Men Should wear swim shorts or jogging shorts. T-shirts optional. Women usually wear shorts and a yoga/athletic top. Baggy clothes will just get in the way. Bring bottled water, a towel, plus a yoga mat - all are available for rent or purchase at the studio. We have showers, so bring an extra towel. New students should come at least 20 minutes before class to register.

Is this yoga really for beginners?

Yes it really is. All of our classes are done in a way that an absolute beginner will feel comfortable with. Most classes have some beginners in them. The postures we do are not complicated and you will have verbal instructions from the teachers. You can also watch the people around you.

How often should I practice yoga?

As often as you can. There is no hard and fast rule about how many classes per week is the right number. In the beginning it's important to take only as many classes as your body is ready for. Many people can start taking a class every day and certainly that will accelerate the benefits, but if you can only make 2 classes a week or that's all your body is ready for then that would be right for you.

Will I get hurt practicing yoga?

Our Yoga classes are designed specifically to virtually eliminate the kinds of injuries that can happen in fast paced yoga. Hot Yoga is a healing practice. Many people do it specifically to recover from injuries. The room is heated to minimize stress to the body and the postures are set up in a slow and deliberate fashion. But don't think the yoga is easy. In fact, it is very challenging to beginners and veterans alike.

What if I'm so inflexible I feel like an oak tree?

Yoga is meant to improve flexibility. The more inflexible you are the more amazed you will be at the change you will experience. But flexibility is not the only benefit of yoga. You will feel energized, younger and have a sense of comfort with your body that you may never have felt before. But once you do - you won't want to give it up!

Why is yoga considered a lifelong practice?

Yoga is more than just improving your physical being. As you learn more about how valuable it can be in your life you will want to experience all that yoga has to offer. A lifelong yoga practice will add years to your life and life to your years.